A description of the throttle body conversion in powered cars

Even with a service manual, I was afraid to tackle rebuilding the carburetor. Initial timing is handled through a compact handheld monitor where you simply answer a few car guy questions about your engine and you're off and running! I spent a whole afternoon at the task.

diy individual throttle bodies

When the car goes into the limp-home-mode it is because the accelerator and engine control computer and the throttle are not talking to each other in a way that they can understand.

SAE Technical Paper Much of the engineering involved with drive-by-wire technologies including ETC deals with failure and fault management. Mar 15, Richard Pardon When car enthusiasts talk about their favorite engines, a number of classics from BMW's M division always come up—the high-strung four-cylinder from the first M3the 3.

Second, they smooth out how air rushes into your intake. Smoother air flow means more air flow, and more air means more ability to burn fuel, and burning more fuel means more power. For racing, you can change this by just changing the velocity stack! With individual throttle bodies ITBseach cylinder gets its own butterfly valve regulating air intake, rather than all cylinders sharing one valve.

How to install individual throttle bodies

For the street, you have to compromise. But just opening or closing the throttle valve by sending a new signal to the electric motor is an open loop condition and leads to inaccurate control. Retrieved If the valve is open when this newly pressurized intake air reaches that end of the runner, the mixture will be forced into the cylinder at higher-than-atmospheric pressure, just as if the engine were using a mechanical supercharger. The benefits of electronic throttle control are largely unnoticed by most drivers because the aim is to make the vehicle power-train characteristics seamlessly consistent irrespective of prevailing conditions, such as engine temperature, altitude, and accessory loads. There are two primary types of throttle position sensors TPS : a potentiometer or a non-contact sensor Hall Effect sensor magnetic device. Interestingly, ITBs also get rid of the need to have an intake manifold, as illustrated by the Chevy V8-powered Eisert Indy race car pictured above. With the ECU and built-in sensors integrated into the throttle body, the Atomic has fewer wiring connections than any other system, plus there is no bulky ECU to mount. I was puzzled, because even if the wells in the carburetor were leaking, I thought that the fuel pump should be able to pump enough fuel that the car would eventually start. A bigger cam meant more appetite for fuel and air, hence the bigger valves to gulp air in. That depends on the frequency of the pressure wave. Photo Credit: Dodge via MaxWedge What the length of the intake runner is doing is tuning the pulses of air rushing through the intake.

That's thanks to individual throttle bodies. ITBs also help reduce pumping losses at partial throttle.

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Converting from throttle body injection to carborator