An analysis of the main actors and their characters in the movie amistad

He hopes to demonstrate that American courts are truly independent from outside influence and strongly suggests that slavery must be eliminated, even if that means drawing the country closer to civil war.

Point out what the decisive argument might have been. Circuit Court which referred it to the lower District Court as a civil case.

He describes the systematic brutalization of the slaves, including the casual murder of fifty slaves who were tossed overboard when the Spaniards discovered they would not have enough food to keep all their captives alive for the entire Atlantic journey.

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The director strives a tad too hard to emphasize the universal elements of the 19th-century case of injustice, using a deliberate visual style that accentuates and often inflates every single idea and image.

With Cinque Hounsouthe filmmakers provide the audience a most sympathetic figure — and an emotional hook — to absorb the sprawling drama as it hops from one continent to another. The sailors' trick of sailing east by day and west by night eventually brings the Amistad to the coast of New York; there it is boarded by an American sailors and taken to Connecticut, where Cinque and his band are jailed.

Their case is taken to every level of the American judiciary and finally to the U. Co-producer, Tim Shriver. But the truth of history, if we as historians admit any agreement on such a weighty topic, is that we as historians are forced to choose the most significant facts to include in our story, and that history is complicated, especially when told from many viewpoints.

But its omission falsely heightens the anxiety the audience is supposed to feel every time a southerner like Calhoun mentions the words "Civil War" which he would not likely do, but rather he might refer to disunion or secession.

Gibbs' role was turned to humorous advantage in the film to create some comic relief because most likely the movie makers did not think audiences capable of remembering several complicated relationships, or did not want to introduce another white man sympathetic to the cause of the Amistad captives other than Tappan, Baldwin and Adams.

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Amistad (film)