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In Decemberthe company was also looking to add a large scale manufacturing facility that would produceHemopure units a year Biopure K.

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From the analysis, if Oxyglobin is launched first, the price of Oxyglobin will affect Hemopure proportionally.

The company did not disclose that their clinical trial was on hold to the public and tried to go for an in-hospital trauma trial designation as a separate investigational new drug application INDA from the pending biologic license application BLA for orthopedic surgery indication.

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Longer shelf life is also an advantage for veterinary practices since donor animals are rare and blood unit expires in short period. Additionally, the emerging and growing necessity for blood substitutes will yield great demand in the following years which will translate to higher selling prices for Biopure, all things equal.

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They can replicate to make similar or even better product development. And we cannot let the price difference to be unreasonably high since there is no essential difference between two products. Additionally, Biopure Biopure Corporation Case Write-up Page 3 should use several veterinary trade shows in different geographic areas to promote Oxyglobin. People pay, and expect to pay, thousands and even tens-of-thousands of dollars in health care emergencies. Therefore, the blood bank and related organization have to give them some benefit or do some campaigns to motivate them to bring their dogs for donating bloods. When — Biopure should launch Oxyglobin into the market as soon as it is ready, given that the product has already been approved by the FDA. In this case, the actual donor animals are pets.

By understanding the market, customer, and final consumer, Biopure can then effectively make projections and future marketing plan accordingly.

Many of the clinical trials results were being revealed and in Aprilthe FDA put on a hold of a proposed clinical trial on Hemopure for the use in trauma patients in the hospital setting. Biopure needs its first product launch, whichever it chooses, to be successful in order to enhance its reputation, make a profit, take the company public, and grow into a successful and trusted company.

Biopure should target emergency care veterinary practices and the largest primary care veterinary practices with 3 or more doctors.

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