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That makes it ideally suited to beginners who might be sceptical about trying their hands at creative writing in the first place.

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The course is particular, teaching students the kind of business writing that helps brands sell better. That not only makes them a better writer but gives them an additional skill too. Same industry-focused learning. Expect a combination of examinations, assignments, presentations and project work. Interested students will be taught the concepts of editing. Notes: The duration of programs is flexible and can be adapted on an individual basis upon enrolment. At the end of the course, students will be conferred with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Their creative writing course has been able to develop writers with better creativity to tell compelling stories. Jobs that didn't even exist two years ago are now in high demand. Assessment may be both individual, or conducted in groups. No big commitments. Industries that just a few years ago seemed strong and permanent are now being shaken by the rise of the digital economy.

Learn more 3. Creative writing is also one of the most versatile forms of professional journalism. Payment in other currencies will be converted to VND at the exchange rate on that day. Drop us a note in the comments below.

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Learn more Design Thinking for Innovation Design thinking has the opportunity to make or break your business. It's never been more important to up-skill and meet the needs of the changing workforce. What they do, in essence, is to identify the basic models of all creative writing and teach them to their students. Melbourne Polytechnic — Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing For those who are looking for full-time, professional writing courses in Melbourne, you might have to look no further than the learning environment at the Melbourne Polytechnic. This comes in the form of: Helping writers recognise and embrace their imagination Exploring limits in the way of maximum creative potentials Developing a practical understanding of character development and know-how of classical story structure Practical assignment to assess the student based on what has been taught so far This form of teaching and feedback system has proven successful for students of this course. The course structure is also a unique one in the way that you can; Ask direct questions Learn from incredible founders, getting to know their challenges and how they pulled through Meet like-minded people The course is taught for free too. Learn more Artificial Intelligence courses Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century taking the future of our work and everyday lives to the next level. Learn more 3. At the end of the course, students will be conferred with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Assessment may be both individual, or conducted in groups. They also have different pricing plans to take care of each dedicated form of writing. Welcome to the small time.

RMIT online short courses are designed to fit your lifestyle. With what you learn here, you can go on to work on selling websites, landing pages, social media accounts and so much more. Payments can be made each semester, on a course-by-course basis.

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RMIT is the first Australian university to offer this new online program, sitting at the nexus of business, design and technology. More than being a general professional writing course, the AWS offering has carved a niche for itself for being a great novel writing course in Melbourne.

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