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Congressional Hearings Notes Format: Numeral. Book with Three Authors Note: Names must always appear in the same order, separated by commas, as found on the Title page of the work being cited.

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The Collected Poems of W. Legal Materials 1. Superscript Number Placed after a Clause Note: In this case, superscript number 3 is an express reference. Garner, Jack. In the case of a limited number of citations, footnotes at the bottom of each page may replace the endnotes. The following example is for a non-periodical portable source. If you consulted the article online, include a URL or the name of the database. Wolf, Leon H. Once inserted, you must return to the Font dialogue box and uncheck the Superscript selection before entering any more text. Publication Title-in italics. Creating Your Citations in Chicago Style As mentioned, when you're following The Chicago Manual of Style, you'll be required to create a list of all sources used on your paper. Heidegger, Martin.

Doerr, Anthony. Dissertation Title-in italics.

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Hearing Title-in italics. Read by author. Sources are also usually listed in a separate bibliography. McPhee, John. Number, Part Number-if bound and not microtext. The five-space indentation rule is also reversed. Nesbitt, L.

Musical Recordings Note: The elements in the following format particularly composer and director may be rearranged to suit your particular purposes. Page numbers are included only when specific passages rather than entire sources are being cited and in the case of quotations.

Stage, A. Moby-Dick; or, The Whale.

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