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AO2 Carlen's sample was small and possibly unrepresentative, consisting largely of serious offenders, over half of whom were in custody. This argument states that women are treated more harshly by the criminal justice system.

Cohen suggests that the lack of a role model means that boys turn to street gangs as a source of male identity, where status is earned through toughness and aggression. May apply concepts such as stereotyping, typifications, interaction, negotiation. As they had gained nothing from either dealthey felt they had nothing to lose by using crime to escape poverty.

Most had always been in poverty; many could not get a job and had experienced problems claiming benefits.

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Many woman feel they have been treated harshly by the criminal justice system. Male chivalry means that the police are less likely to charge women, and the courts will tend to give women a lighter sentence, even when they have committed the same offences as men.

Pat Carlen She found Scottish courts were much more likely to jail women whose children were in care than women whom they saw as good mothers. They have deviated from accepted social norms by breaking the law and deviated from gender norms which state how woman should behave.

Gender patterns in crime Most crimes appear to be committed by males. Evidence for the chivalry thesis: Women are consistently treated more leniently by the law e.

Which suggests a women's criminality and character is based on her ability to parent- this isnt the case for men however Control Theorists on Female Criminals They tend to see women' behaviour as determined by external forces such as patriarchal controls or class and gender deals.

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