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As James Joyce writes his stories, his characters and themes share similarities within his own life, giving them more value and much more meaning behind the importance of the story.

Set in Dublin, Ireland the story is portrayed as being dreary and depressed. A dead political figure is the basis of "Ivy Day in the Committee Room.

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The title is almost written ironically; though each main character is a Dubliner, they are far removed from the label The American does many things that make us believe he is mainly the decision maker in their relationship James Joyce's short story, "Eveline," is an example of how promises are hard to break.

Even Frank was surprised that Eveline hesitated to grab the opportunity to become finally free and be happy for the rest of her life. It is implied that this young couple is expecting a child.

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In the story, Eveline's sudden impulse drives her to admit that "He would save her" Joyce 6 if she goes with him east across the seas. This was the ticket towards freedom for Eveline. At the beginning of the story she's in a deep reflective mood thinking outside a widow and seem to be dreaming as the world moves slowly as this is emphasis in the story by only a few people walking pass This is the only home Eveline as has ever known. Tied down by her past, she struggles to better herself when the opportunity arises. She has a single choice to make as she stands and reflects at the ship dock. She was already getting abused by her father and had to work so hard to make ends meet. Eveline did not want to live a life like that of her mother who became regretful that she did not fight for her happiness. The family bonds in Eveline are almost like chains and the protagonist is mentally and physically heavily burdened by her parents.

Even if she knew that by staying with her father she would continue to have a miserable life, she still chose to live her life like this than be with Frank. In the story The Story of an Hour Mrs.

Eveline analysis

Get Essay Her father is aging, grumpy, and often threatens violence is she does not do what he says. The title is almost written ironically; though each main character is a Dubliner, they are far removed from the label Eveline had been raised as a Catholic, and it was very difficult for her not to keep a promise of her dead mother Eveline cannot end up like her mother, who was rejected by the town people and "living a life of commonplace sacrifices closing in final craziness" Joyce 6 and her only option is to "escape" with Frank. She chooses the known over unknown excitement. Her mother's voice rising from the dead also deadens her lack of will. Loss of the ability to move 3. Eveline has already been courted and won by frank, who is taking her to marry him and "to live with him in Buenos Ayres" Hacker And finally, her false dreams of change damage her will for freedom. James Joyce is actually a feminist writer, however due to the outlook on women it was not seen to be respectable. The most consistent consequences of following mundane routines are loneliness and unrequited love.

Frank would take her in his arms, fold her in his arms. In the story this male character is simply referred to as the American. The emotions of individuals are examined throughout the stories by other members in society. Frank symbolizes escape. Her lack of will finds comfort in dust.

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