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This rejections left public administration without identity, and thus a new phase of evolution of the discipline of public administration took birth. Most of the changes were for the better, but some had an adverse effect on certain population centers.

This phase marked a debate for the return of values in Public administration and cross cultural as well as cross national study of administration. Line agencies are the field work agencies and staff units are the technically specialised co-ordination and facilitating agencies between upper management from where decisions come and the line agencies who implement them first hand.

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The field of public administration is all encompassing and goes hand in hand with organizational management studies. Principles were independent of the nature of enterprise, personnel and creation theory. On the other country there was no struggle and there was employment for everybody,with the liberal principlees of government and methods of administration.

Lasting 10 years, the great depression would lead to the unemployment of more than 10 million Americans and the closing down of many banks which would lead to many Americans losing all their savings.

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There is a broad and narrow view on the activities of public administration. This means that it focus went beyond efficiency, effectiveness, budgeting and administrative techniques.

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Stage III: Dichotomy i. It provided not solution to the changing society problems. The day this community way of living started, Public Administration was born in practise and it manifested itself through various forms in old times such as Barter System, Organised Living Shelters, Public Utility Assets such as wells, distribution of work according to specialisation etc. This led to a spurt in the interest of its studies in various American as well as universities around the globe and reforms were made in government and thus scholars were attracted to public administration with a new vigour. Willoughby During this stage more focus was put on the efficiency aspect. They were Politics Administration dichotomy and scientific status of Public Administration. Functions of the legislature and the executive should be properly defined. Herbert Simon and Robert Dahl were in support of the above two objections. During this period many scholars iterated and proved the fact that politics can not be totally separated from administration because administration itself is very much political in nature. Key concepts include Result oriented, Customer focused, Employee empowerment, Entrepreneurship and outsourcing has dominated the main stream of public administration. Below is the break up of the evolution of Public Administration as a discipline right from its inception till today - 1. World war two also demonstrated more than any other event that these principles had limited applicability in public administration. But there were several issues such as- Absence of comprehensive intellectual framework for public administration as a separate discipline.
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