Expository writing graphic organizer 3rd grade

Because the Common Core State Standards require students to begin using linking words and phrases in 3rd grade, a page of common linking words and phrases has been included with this set. Students will then learn how information in an exposition can be organized to best address the purpose and audience of the piece.

free printable graphic organizer for informational writing pdf

Depending on the age of the student, teacher can assign a length. After viewing each clip or one clip, depending on timehave students share with partners or as a large-group discussion the topic, the purpose, and the intended audience.

Expository writing graphic organizer 3rd grade

There are no incorrect responses. At your desk, spend the next several minutes writing down possible topics. If you have access to a computer and media projector, this would be good time to show a current podcast, webcast or video from TeacherTube or YouTube, or newscast to model how informational information is shared through a variety of media. Higher level organizers can be used for enrichment and lower level organizers can be used for struggling writers. This page could be copied on the back side of any of the graphic organizers for students to use as a reference. This is the location where students should place the words of their choice from the list provided. Students will discuss the various ways in which they are exposed to expository writing and information. Before you hand in your work, check that your name is on the paper.

In school, you write expository essays, reports, and research papers. There are no incorrect responses.

Step by step strategies for teaching expository writing pdf

Then, students need to write a draft. Click here to view the entire bundle over 90 pages. Elementary students may be working on the basic paragraph. Then ask for more specific methods used to disseminate information: videos, blogs, tweets, podcasts, messaging, etc. This is the location where students should place the words of their choice from the list provided. The organizers are also useful for scaffolding instruction by having the whole class begin with a simpler graphic organizer, working their way up to one that is more complex. In our information-rich world, in what ways do you get information? What might you change about the way you write if the audience were elementary schools students? The ideas for topics can be found anywhere.

After each student selects a topic, organizational structure and graphic organizer, the students will need to fill out the graphic organizer. Steps to Create an Essay Before students begin writing, teachers can share how the students will be assessed. O : The lesson begins with an introduction to expository writing and its forms.

I hope you find this resource to be useful in helping your students to succeed with informative writing!

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How to Write an Expository Essay for Grade Three