Food security phd thesis

Smallholder agriculture and food and nutrition security: a study from south-eastern Tigray, Ethiopia. Tandem to the empirical work, I explore the philosophical tenets that ground food security efforts in the two studied cities and more generally, and I finally settle upon the purposefully normative appeal for motion towards a new concept: dignified food security.

Households in the area consume a restricted diet, dominated by cereals. Supervisor s : Chisholm, Nicholas G. A number of food security indicators were calculated by village, season and gender of household head.

food security topics

The thesis looks both at how food security has emerged as a major global policy challenge at and at shifts that have occurred in this discourse during the past half-century.

The study concludes that there is a need to develop policy and specific agricultural interventions to promote more nutrition-sensitive agriculture. These indicators generally showed that food insecurity is higher in the preharvest season and amongst female-headed households.

The metric and its methodology can help measure the impact of agri-based interventions on local food and nutrition security, assisting policymakers and organisations involved in sustainable certification systems. Multisectoral policy making and implementation need to be strengthened.

It also finds little evidence that biofuels have significantly reduced global food availability or have been largely responsible for rising food prices over the past decade.

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