Good deed never goes waste

story on a good deed never gets wasted

Four hours later, they were all staring at the television, shocked and pale faced. Do you have some food for an old man? Saad and Sana were extremely disappointed.

Just then, there was a frantic knock on the backdoor followed by loud banging. Boy remembered that he vowed not to give water to anyone on way. One in front, which was used by the family, and a small one at the back which was mainly used by the maid, milkman etc. Apparently, the family that had booked the front carriage had missed the train, the reporter was saying.

Ignoring the impatient honking outside, she heated some food in the microwave and popped some bread in the toaster. Precious minutes ticked by as she quickly wrapped the food in a disposable dish and handed it to the old man.

good deeds never go unrewarded

One day he was not able to bear anger and torture from his step-mother and swear that hr will not give water to anyone on the way back to home. The train they had missed had a collision which caused the front carriage to fall off a bridge.

Good deed never goes waste

Next day, someone knocked on the door. Their father had booked seats in a newly launched , luxury train for the weekend. In the mids, Danny closed the shop and started working selling barber supplies. Luckily, there were no causalities as it was empty. Do you have some food for an old man? Saad and Sana were extremely disappointed. There was scarcity of water in the village so people had to go stream of water at end of village to fetch water. Wiping the kitchen counter, mom quickly locked the back door again and dashed outside. They were all sad and very disappointed.
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Danny’s the Barber's philosophy: ‘Good deeds never go to waste’