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You don't usually give something away without seeking something in return. If your capital letters have fine detail, this demonstrates an ability to command.

Small - You like to concentrate your attention and focus on things, you are delicate and like exactness in details.

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You can be egotistic, unsociable and also secretive, unwilling to show your feelings. Your actions are often characterized by extremes, and depending on the circumstances you may be extravagant or act with eccentricity.

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When you use our free handwriting analysis service, you will be using a unique piece of software which I originally created inand adapted in for use on the Web. If you have large handwriting combined with an original way of writing some letters, you are an innovative thinker.

Analysis 1. You do not have an artistic nature. You also to tend to hold your emotions back, or keep them inside. You always have a plan, and seem to know what you want ahead of time. You are usually very demanding of the people around you, especially family members, and rebuke people often.

Letters touching the line - Letters slanting so much that they touch the line point to possible psychological issues. I am on a short break.

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Handwriting Quiz: What Does It Say About You?