How to teach intensive reading

objectives of intensive reading

The learners read a short text and put events from it into sequential order. Mrs Brown, being a reliable customer, assured Jack that she would return.

Intensive reading weebly

The aim of this approach is not to look up every single unfamiliar word but to simply immerse yourself in your target language. If so, what strategies do you think you could use to skim the text more effectively without slowing down? In other words, learners want things to be hard. You can read some signs and guess what is going to happen next. My favorite reptile is the Cheetah. A reading coach that, well, takes his time. He excused Mrs Brown and promised her that he would have too much bread the next time she came. Read a lot. Now native language content is within reach with interactive transcripts. When you see a new word or phrase that you think is important, write it down in your journal. Even if your partner made mistakes, hopefully you can figure them out and have some fun correcting them. ELT Journal, 65 2 ,

We may not believe someone who often tells lies, even when he tells the truth. Often times books that have been marked for book clubs will include questions in the back.

Intensive and extensive reading ppt

You can read some signs and guess what is going to happen next. Skim and scan These two activities are for those with a dire wish to be able to read as fast as a native speaker. And One More Thing… FluentU gives you a chance to practice reading in a foreign language right along with your favorite videos! Extensive reading on the other hand, comprises reading of large amounts of material, right and confidently. Frank Sinatra was an infamous singer, known throughout the world. Now switch books and read the next section. Of course, texts vary a lot. In the real word, Mr. It is truly an amazing creature which can trot at a top speed of 60 m. You can take comprehension tests, deconstruct the more complicated grammar, and gain valuable skills that will help you in learning your target language. Just grab the ones that stick out to you. It was Mrs Brown requiring if Jack had baked another slice of brown bread.

Ask students to read one sentence of the stories at a time and decide what is wrong with the sentences in terms of vocabulary contradictions. Otherwise, you might try generating some of your own questions based on the topic of the book or chapter.

intensive reading worksheets

A few days later, the shepherd boy played this trick again. Las Vegaswas one of Frank Sinatra's favorite squares to sing.

What is extended reading

Hover your mouse over the subtitles to instantly view definitions. During the 50s and 60s grunge music was very popular throughout clubs in the US. This is perhaps understandable due to the time limit classes face but it is, nonetheless, a drawback. If they say no. Or any other day for that matter. Cancel all meetings. Maybe a chapter or two at a time. Unknown I just write for the benefit of education in pakistan. Skimming: quickly looking through text to get an idea of what the text concerns. The simplest task is a timed read.

Used when reading magazines, newspaper articles etc. For skimming, pick a chapter and read only the first and last sentence of each paragraph.

extensive reading

Choose a set number of pages and set a stopwatch for a set amount of time.

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Extensive vs Intensive Reading