How to write an article critique paper

Our useful tips will let you handle the task with ease. When breaking down the six behaviors and examining them individually, an ANOVA was used to analyze the data. The three coaching levels scored differently on three of the six behaviors: democratic behaviors, training and instruction, and social support.

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how to write an article critique paper

With additional information, the researchers may have been able to use a modified matching system when analyzing the results. It teaches you how to use the work of another writer without being completely convinced in their point of view.

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When you are taking the position of a critic, you should take your time to scrutinize and read through the article and article review example thoughtfully and carefully. The purpose of the study was to determine possible differences in leadership behaviors, using the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale RLSS , between male and female coaches and among different coaching levels. Article Summary Provide a brief summary of the article, outlining the main points, results and discussion. This summary should not be the focus of the critique and is usually shorter than the critical evaluation. What are the aims of the work? Did you reference all sources properly? Step 6: Revise! This method would have given a good cross-section of gender and coaching experience for a variety of sports. A good example can be seen in articles that are written in overzealous and heated tones. During this process, pay attention to the citations. The results indicated no significant interactions. Try to recall any piece of literature that you might have read, perused through or even documentaries that you think are relevant in assisting you to evaluate the article review example. We can help you with:. Do they affect its validity? You can refer back to these questions later as you are writing your final critique.

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How to Write an Article Critique? Example and Best Ways