If you have 24 hours to live essay

if we had 24 hours what would we do

Suggest a correction. I'm gonna get all the people I love, go rent a private jet--this is no time to think about expense or the ozone -- Get out the Amex, shove all my women on a plane and fly west.

If you had me for 24 hours what would you do to me

My girls love parties especially with family and close friends. I will confess all my sins and pray earnestly to God to forgive me. When one reflects, one realizes that what lasts are the happy moments and the extraordinary experiences that one has or gives to other people. Ask for help anytime. I will ask forgiveness from all I have quarrel with, from all I have hurt, and from those I troubled. I'm not neurosing over it. Get Essay I will be using it for the best purpose a person should use it.

I will stay up all night with them but I see their sleepy eyes as now its close to 2am. I would start with my gratitude prayer, my morning mantras, make my bed, read my daily affirmation. You are never alone. I will confess all my sins and pray earnestly to God to forgive me. I shared this piece with my daughters.

And each of us will be given the last 24 hours to live.

if we had 24 hours together what would we do

Then I would make breakfast for my girls, give them the biggest hugs and kisses and tell them to get ready because at noon we need to start getting ready for a party — the celebration of My Life.

I will ask forgiveness from them from all my mistakes and for all the times I missed with them. Develop a prayer practice, meditation practice and yoga practice.

I would tell Tommy this is going to be my last class so he better Bring It. Now, with travel time I'm still left with I tuck each one in a give a kiss on the forehead.

She has the time of her life, wipes out violently, smashing her face on the rocks, but isn't hurt in any way -- we get it all on videotape and have it Fedex'd to "America's Funniest Home Videos," in hopes that after I'm gone she can win the ten thousand dollar prize.

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If You Had 24 Hours to Live, What Would You Do?