In exile by anton chekhov

They passed beyond the willows and floated out into the open. All the same she had to die. The heavy, clumsy barge moved away from the bank and floated between the willow-bushes, and only the willows slowly moving back showed that the barge was not standing still but moving.

Preacher, an old man of sixty, lean and toothless, but broad shouldered and still healthy-looking, was drunk; he would have gone in to sleep long before, but he had a bottle in his pocket.

critical analysis of the orator by anton chekhov

You see how people can live in Siberia. God created man to be alive, and to have joy and grief and sorrow; but you want nothing, so you are not alive, you are stone, clay!

In exile by anton chekhov

Better a month or even a day than nothing. He would long ago have gone to bed, but he had a bottle in his pocket and was afraid of his comrades asking him for vodka.

The princess by anton chekhov summary

The ginger-coloured clay cliff, the barge, the river, the strange wild people, hunger, cold, illness—perhaps all these things did not really exist. And Vassili Andreich kept turning and looking at her and could not look at her or praise her enough. It's the devil tempting you, plague take him. My daughter is worse again and they tell me there's a new doctor at Anastasievka. Only one thing was wrong; from the very beginning he was always driving to the post-office at Guyrin. His wife spent three years with him. I have been living thus for the last two-and-twenty years, but, thank God, I want nothing. Soon the others slept too and the door was left open. Where could she live here? Don't listen to the devil,' says I; 'he will bring you to no good, he'll draw you into a snare. He saw his wife and his daughter. Semyon, lying with his stomach on the tiller, looked mockingly at him and said: "Even in Siberia people can live -- can li-ive! Works cited:. But 'nothing' is bad! The other three ferrymen were in the hut.
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"In Exile" by Chekhov