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Highlight your scholastic success: Outside of coursework, you should also highlight any academic successes you had, such as a strong GPA or honour list. If you think relevant coursework is going to be the primary feature of your experience, putting it at the top of your resume so it's in the main part of the document where a professional experience section would normally go is the best call. Instead, you can address your coursework using a format like this: Bachelor of Science, Marketing, Best College USA Relevant Coursework: Advertising, Copywriting, Sales Management, E-Marketing, Brand Management Option Two: For recent grads with no relevant experience If your resume needs to emphasize education over experience, then you might want to use a different format altogether. Include it in your CVs because your educational awards and achievements can help you beat competitions and stand out. Take the time to thoroughly edit your resume for spelling and grammar errors. Remember, the whole goal of a resume is to garner enough interest to net you an interview. While you will certainly include your educational degrees within an education section, what about more specific details? Conversely, if your relevant coursework is simply a supplement to the rest of your resume this is likely to be the case if you already have internship or work experience , it'd be best to place it below the education section of your resume. If you are applying for a job that involves conducting research, list any extensive research projects you worked on. Armed with this information, you'll now be able to include relevant coursework on your resume when appropriate.

Your education section should briefly detail your academic activities—including relevant clubs, athletics, theater, student government, or other projects—because they are important indicators of your personality and character.

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Nowadays, employers are conducting comprehensive background checks of their potential new recruits, making it imperative that you are always truthful. You'll always want to ensure that you tailor your course list to the job you're applying for. What You Should Do If you have no work experience, then you should follow the same format.

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That leaves you with two options: submit a resume with no real experience, or add relevant coursework to bolster your credibility.

Carefully consider the placement of relevant coursework on a resume. Still, those details can sometimes be crucial for establishing yourself as a viable candidate for a job. However, there are many rules to writing a work experience section, so be sure to read our guide on how to write an achievement oriented resume.

Include keywords from the job posting. Relevant coursework can make a huge difference in your success Should students choose relevant coursework resume solutions?

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If you're a college student or recent graduate, your college education is typically listed at the top of your resume. Remember, the whole goal of a resume is to garner enough interest to net you an interview. Including coursework in your resume will show prospective employers that you have gained theoretical knowledge or expertise in a specific field that you will likely be able to apply in a practical way. Also, make sure that your font and style choices are consistent—for example, if you write one section title in bold, all section titles should be bold. Focusing on Coursework or Course Work One of the most important aspects of choosing to focus on coursework and previous studies, rather than actual acquired hands on experience, is to always be honest about your educational background. Use helpful tips on how to list college courses on resume and write other important sections because they can guide you to success. Choose the right place for your courses to save time. Other jobs require including them in your education section. This reinforces the relevance of your included coursework details, and can also help your resume get past the ATS. Before you decide to include relevant coursework on a resume, you need to ask yourself whether it matters. If you have work or internship experience, you should follow this format. Where does it go? How to List College Education on Your Resume How to include education on your resume depends on when or if you graduated. Include any clubs or extracurricular activities that will contribute to your resume in any way; you want to portray yourself as a hard-working and reliable candidate.
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How to Mention Relevant Coursework in a Resume: 9 Steps