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Did you always know it would be part of a series? But if NaNoWriMo had been around back then, it very well might have been built in thirty. Do you feel like diversity is an important aspect of YA fiction and your writing? No More Excuses Like most participants, published NaNoWriMoers have come to the program at different points in their personal writing journeys. It was January of , so I was about 15, words deep into what would eventually become a monstrous, novel-length fan fiction sequel to The Force Awakens, and was so hopped up on having someone to talk writing with that I told her as much. Read craft guides. Two weeks later she sent it to publishers.

Anyone wanting to impart their own wisdom is welcome to share in the comments. I really loved developing the characters and getting to spend so much time with them, and watch each of them grow and mature over the course of the story.

Book 3: CRESS, which will be out in February, is based on Rapunzel, in which Rapunzel is a computer hacker stuck in a satellite, instead of the typical tower.

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Why did you choose this POV? Then you can breathe deeply and look forward to filling in those plot holes come December. Several minutes earlier I'd struck up a conversation with the woman in front of me, who turned out to be a published author. Nowhere is the core of that more raw than in the fan fiction community, where none of us have anything to gain except a feeling. I sit at my laptop and I'm not just year-old me writing my own stories; I'm year-old me at Hogwarts, year-old me in revolutionary France, year-old me exploring different galaxies. Just the act of signing up and committing to do it is really a big key to success. There are a lot of factors outside of your control. Then I probably spend a couple hours answering emails and making the social network rounds, and a couple hours doing promo stuff like answering this interview! Got any book recommendations for us now?

You often don't need to world build because the framework is right there. Good luck and much inspiration to you all!

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In the evenings I try to just relax and read or watch TV with my husband. Be patient. Maybe even their first fifty stories. How do I get involved in the Guardian children's books site? But Karen Harrington, who wrote her novel Sure Signs of Crazy Little, Brown, during her second NaNoWriMo, says that having a warm-up routine—such as a listening to a certain song—can help get the creative juices flowing. Read craft guides. That seems like an excessive amount, but many people who write fan fiction and their own fiction depend on that balance. If your books were to be made into a movie, which scene would you be most interested in seeing live on the big screen?

Until I went totally stir crazy, at least. Hint: the scene is pretty much a face-off between Cinder and Levana, in which Cinder makes a decision that has some pretty dire consequences. But all were attracted to its emphasis on discipline.

I first had the idea for writing a series of sci-fi fairy tales when I wrote a short story for a writing contest that was a futuristic retelling of Puss in Boots. That work ethic that comes from writing fic is no joke, as the past few years have shown me.

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