Most prestigious writing awards

This year's winner will be announced on November 4, chosen from a shortlist of six books that include Margaret Thatcher by Charles Moore, and Return of a King, by William Dalrymple.

Most prestigious writing awards

Ron Hubbard and yes, he's a The next contest will be held inand submissions will be read between May 1 and May Your total word count should be between and typed pages. I was speechless with honor.

The award recognizes not only brilliant work but also enjoyable books with an objective to popularize reading as an enjoyable activity.

Previously, the Man Booker Prize accepted work from the Commonwealth, Zimbabwe, and Ireland, but from the international Prize was widened to accept any writing in English language.

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The shortlist forannounced last week, included seven writers from Australia, India, America, England and Wales, reflecting the "truly international scope of the prize".

The award recognizes exemplary work in drama, poetry, and fiction. But even the most successful authors were once pretentious young people trying to break into the literary scene.

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7 Important Awards For Writing Every Writer Should Know