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The company was founded inand once numbered some 30 million users of its Internet suite. It will also reduce the information asymmetry, so Netscape can offer more information about their company. I would like to take a different approach to analyzing these two platforms and see what we can learn.

Why has Netscape been so successful to date? When Mosaic Communications Corporation changed its name to Netscape Communications, the browser was renamed Netscape Navigator, and a first version launched in late Software sales of the Netscape server, and 2.

What risks did Netscape face in ? Trust is hard earned, and easily lost It involved establishing a world-class brand before barnesandnoble. We argue that in the later periods there the difference between Web 1. The case points out that IPOs are often underpriced. Those investors that were truthful will then be offered the stock at the lower price. They could also raise capital through private stock offering and debt bonds. Other choices being advocated by various parties included reducing leverage to improve HCA's credit rating to investment grade, spurring growth by initiating a major acquisition program or reinvesting heavily in existing markets to enhance HCA's strong competitive position. This work will identify the business actors and create a case glossary.

While this is a high level of growth to expect in one year, it is not unusual when compared to other technologies companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Netscape was acquired by AOL, and the browser further developed, but the result was a bloated program that took too long to download and install.

Because of this, there is a high degree of unpredictability in the future success of Netscape. What is its strategy?

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Netscape IPO Case Study