Northrop frye first essay

A cartoon in a New Yorker of some essays back hit off this last problem beautifully: If the author has been dead for centuries, such speculation cannot get us very Northrop, however irresistibly it may suggest itself. We say reader, because the Longinian conception is primarily that of a thematic or individualized response: it is more useful for lyrics, just as the Aristotelian one is more useful for plays.

The mythical comedy corresponding to the death of the Dionysiac god is Apollonian, the story of how a hero is accepted by a society of gods. To defend the right of criticism to exist at all, therefore, is to assume that criticism is a structure of thought and knowledge existing in its own right, with some measure of independence from the art it deals with Anatomy 5.

Order and clarity frye particularly emphasized: It is the attitude characteristic of "humanism" in the historical sense, an attitude marked on the one hand by a devotion to rhetoric and Northrop craftsmanship, and on the other by a strong attachment to historical and [URL] affairs. On this basis we may distinguish two kinds of mystery.

In this kind of irony the characters who are opposed to or excluded from the fictional society have the sympathy of the audience. Criticism reflects these movements, centripetally focusing on the aesthetic function of literature, centrifugally on the social function of literature.

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That is, when the poet communicates as an individual, his forms tend to be discontinuous; when he communicates as a professional man with a social function, he tends to seek more extended patterns. Formal criticism begins with an examination of the imagery of a poem, with a view Northrop bringing out its distinctive pattern.

When it rises out of this, we have a study of obsession presented in terms of fear instead of pity: that is, the obsession takes the form of an unconditioned will that drives its victim beyond the normal limits of humanity. Poetry in this mode is an agent of catholicity, whether Hellenic in one age or Roman Christian in another.

Northrop frye first essay

Hart makes the point well when he states that "For Frye, the story, and not the argument, is at the centre of literature and society. There is also a widespread assumption that the dianoia of poetry represents a form, pattern, ideal, or model in nature.

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Anatomy of Criticism