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Unique Letter Order and Style Innovative letter order and style are developmentally appropriate and promote easy learning for every letter, print and cursive. Science and psychology aside, it is always very aesthetically pleasing to marvel at someone's nice handwriting, especially with the modern technology forcing us to type, rather than write, thus lessening our penmanship skills. This course is made for study reading and writing on paper. If casually written it can be confused with the letter S. In North America the descender often ends with a hook curving up to the right. This version resembles how the lowercase g is commonly written. Forms that avoid confusion with Danish include: a dot placed in the centre of zero, but to be distinguished from monocular O or bilabial clicks the use of a tick, that is, a slash that does not cross the entire bowl of the figure, but lies completely in the upper right a form found in Germany with a vertical slash a form with a slash from upper left to lower right. The lowercase letter p — The French way of writing this character has a half-way ascender as the vertical extension of the descender, which also does not complete the bowl at the bottom. It can be determined by analyzing the way we dot our I's and cross our T's, how you write the lowercase and uppercase letters and many other factors.

This numeral is often written as a plain vertical line without an ear at the top; this form is easily confused with a capital I and with a lower-case L.

This version is sometimes preferred in mathematics to help distinguish it from the numeral 2.

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Cursive handwriting can tell about your personality, state of mind, traumatic events, hand-eye coordination and even bone structure that affects the way you hold the pen. In East Asian countries Korea, China and Japanthis numeral is commonly written with such a serif, but no swash and no crossbar through the middle.

old school handwriting alphabet

The lowercase letter s — See long s. Add source If eyes are a mirror to your soul, then handwriting must be a window. Assessments and Tailored Instructional Plans Easy-to-use assessments track handwriting progress in the classroom and support your instruction for year round handwriting success.

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This course is made for study reading and writing on paper.

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Regional handwriting variation