Pauls case by willa carter

The snow was falling faster, lights streamed from the hotels that reared their dozen stories fearlessly up into the storm, defying the raging Atlantic winds. His father has returned the money and is en route to New York City to bring Paul back home to Pittsburgh.

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He rather thought he had. After he had changed his clothes again he went outside the concert hall. Paul made the ultimate decision of taking his own life because the thought of returning to his old one was too much for him to handle. He felt the need to escape into a whole different world where it was much more enjoyable to be.

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He was now entirely rid of his nervous misgivings, of his forced aggressiveness, of the imperative desire to show himself different from his surroundings.

The gray monotony stretched before him in hopeless, unrelieved years; Sabbath-school, Young People's Meeting, the yellow-papered room, the damp dish-towels; it all rushed back upon him with a sickening vividness.

His lips were continually twitching, and he had a habit of raising his eyebrows that was contemptuous and irritating to the last degree. He told them he had no time to study grammar and arithmetic. His nerves had been steady enough to permit of his returning to the office, where he had finished his work and asked for a full day's holiday tomorrow, Saturday, giving a perfectly reasonable pretext. The only thing that at all surprised him was his own courage, for he realized well enough that he had always been tormented by fear, a sort of apprehensive dread that, of late years, as the meshes of the lies he had told closed about him, had been pulling the muscles of his body tighter and tighter. Everything for Paul has to be done quickly and with as little effort as possible. Not once, but a hundred times, Paul had planned this entry into New York. He had never lied for pleasure, even at school, but to be noticed and admired, to assert his difference from other Cordelia Street boys; and he felt a good deal more manly, more honest even, now that he had no need for boastful pretensions, now that he could, as his actor friends used to say, "dress the part. Paul breakfasted late, and View Image of Page 82 in the afternoon he fell in with a wild San Francisco boy, a freshman at Yale, who said he had run down for a "little flyer" over Sunday. Disorder and impertinence were among the offences named, yet each of his instructors felt that it was scarcely possible to put into words the real cause of the trouble, which lay in a sort of hysterically defiant manner of the boy's; in the contempt which they all knew he felt for them, and which he seemingly made not the least effort to conceal.

Everyone thought he was a charming boy and the best usher at the hall. Paul took one of the blossoms carefully from his coat and scooped a little hole in the snow, where he covered it up.

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He ran up and down the hall, helping people. Paul's Case is the tragic story of a young boy who was just a little different than the other boys his age. Unlike his father who is prepared to put in the work to make advances in life slow as they may seem.

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Short Story Analysis: Paul's Case by Willa Cather