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Various other examples and embodiments will be apparent to one skilled in the art.

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It may be noted that the performance management system displays a list of only those employees who are eligible for promotion. The evaluation module may allow the employee to communicate with the performance management system through the client device to approve or reject the performance measures selected by the first evaluator. The evaluation module then may send a notification to the first evaluator notifying that the performance measures are reviewed by the employee and the second evaluator. The performance improvement process may follow a timeline to measure the performance of the employee under consideration for a predefined period, for example, 90 days. In addition to showcasing core skill sets and competencies, people are also expected to show a variety of behavioral competencies, partly on the basis of which, a person's performance is evaluated. At block , one or more performance indicators are identified for the employee under consideration. The performance measures are analyzed based on a rating assigned to each of the performance measures to generate an assessment score. Subsequently, the evaluation module may send a separate evaluation notification to the first evaluator to evaluate performance of the employee. The performance management is configured to implement performance management processes such as a performance evaluation process, a promotion process and a performance improvement process. Subsequently, the evaluation module may accept the evaluation even if it is not approved by the second evaluator.

As mentioned previously, the performance management system can implement different performance management processes such as the performance evaluation process, the promotion process, and the performance improvement process.

Once the performance measures are notified to the employee, the first evaluator, and the second evaluator, the performance management system sends a notification to the employee to carry out a self evaluation of his or her performance measures.

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Each user group can include one or more members. For example, the first evaluator may choose to promote employees who have been working in a current role for more than two years.

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Paired comparison is a variation of the ranking method in which the performance of each employee is compared with every other employee. Graphic rating scale A graphic rating scale is the most commonly used appraisal system.

Upon login the employee profile may be identified.

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After the performance bands are identified, the analysis module may arrange the employees in a particular operating unit in descending order of their assessment score Once the performance measures are set for the employee, the performance management system sends a notification to at least one evaluator of a second evaluator group to review the performance measures. Further, each user group can include one or more members. The query may be generated by a member of the first evaluator group also, to initiate the performance evaluation process for an employee. A computer-readable medium having embodied thereon a computer program for executing a method for managing performance of an employee in an organization, the method comprising: receiving a query to initiate a performance management process; identifying at least one performance indicator based on the received query; receiving a rating for each of the at least one performance indicator; and generating an assessment index based on an analysis of the received rating using a set of predefined rules, wherein the assessment index is indicative of the performance of the employee. This was the initial impact of EVA which was implemented in the company from April 01, In another example, the rating may be in the form of recommendation and suggestion provided by the manager wherein the recommendation and suggestion may be further processed to determine an equivalent score. In one implementation, if the second evaluator receives the reject notification by first evaluator for a predetermined number of times, the approval by the second evaluator is deemed to have been provided by the evaluation module Each maturity level is a well- defined evolutionary plateau that institutionalizes new capabilities for developing the organization's workforce. For example, if the employee falls under the category of an under performer, the performance improvement process for the employee may be initiated. They had to think like entrepreneurs and know the cost attached to their business and how will they add value to the investment.

There is but one answer- passion for excellence in the work force patterns.

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