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As a result subscribers had to wait for as long as five years to get a telephone connection. Price discrimination is in the root of lack of demand. The corporation tasted competition for the first time after the liberalization of Indian economy in The main elements of the balance sheet are assets and liabilities. Those responsible for delivery are perhaps the most informed about these strategic benefits yet the transformation is a long-drawn-out process. Generally speaking, this is true; however, it can and does get a bit more complicated than that. Increased margins resulting from knowing customers better, providing a value-sell, and discounting prices. Hence forth, to survive in the market, the company not only needs to maximize its profit but also needs to satisfy its customers and should try to build upon there. In the present competitive era, this is proving to be highly ineffective.

Financial Analysis characteristics and performance are superior to generally accepted industry practices. It is important to note, however, that the balance sheet only lists these resources, and makes no judgment about how well they will be used by management.

Project on bsnl

Income Statement In contrast to the balance sheet, the income statement provides information about a company's performance over a certain period of time. On 13 June , BSNL employees participated called off an earlier planned nationwide strike against discriminatory policies of 30 BSNL management upon promise by Management to resolve the Demands of the protesting unions. Mitesh Ghiya 5 Executive Summary The project is an extensive report on how the BSNL Company markets its strategies and how the company has been able in tackling the present tough competition and how it is cooping up by the allegations of the quality of its products. I not only talk off research method but also consider the logic behind the methods. The focus of this service is mainly rural customer where the wired broadband facility is not available. The areas needing improvement are not serious enough to cause prudential concerns if addressed in a timely manner. The difference between the two is that the income statement also takes into account some non-cash accounting items such as depreciation. A financial analysis looks at many aspects of a business from its profitability and stability to its solvency and liquidity.

To be able to deliver these benefits, organizations must be able to customize their product offering, optimize price, integrate products and services and deliver the service as promised and demanded by the customer base.

In it I study the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in his research problem along with the logic behind them. Revenues consist mainly of sales, though financial analysts may also note the inclusion of royalties, interest, and extraordinary items.

A definite plan was drawn up for obtaining a sample from different areas of educational institute of Jaipur.

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He provided me with his assistance and support whenever needed that has been instrumental in completion of the project.

In facing the competitive threats, such as new entrants, pricing pressures, technology along with the related costs and also including the time lags in procuring, maintaining and strengthening one's market, more and more organizations are realizing that the traditional marketing models is no longer effective.

BSNL offers seamless coverage in almost all urban and rural areas of India. DGM is the head of the department. BSNL has been providing connections in both urban and rural areas.

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Stability: The business also wants to make sure that it is financially stable, and does not have components that could cause it to fold. However, in recent years the company's revenues and market share have plummeted into heavy losses due to intense competition in the Indian telecommunications sector. Indecisiveness makes all things to collapse. BSNL has been providing connections in both urban and rural areas. Assets generally include both current assets cash or equivalents that will be converted to cash within one year, such as accounts receivable, inventory, and prepaid expenses and noncurrent assets assets that are held for more than one year and are used in running the business, including fixed assets like property, plant, and equipment; long-term investments; and intangible assets like patents, copyrights, and goodwill. Of Boys No. Based on my analysis, I would like to highlight the following significant matters under Section 4 of the Companies Act, which have come to my attention and which in my view are necessary for enabling a better understanding of the financial statements and the related Audit Report. Know their hopes, dreams, needs, problems, and desires and then set about to help them improve their lives with our information and products or services. But BSNL did not take over any small telecom company. The main elements of the balance sheet are assets and liabilities. The company provides in-depth training to their employees and frontline sales executives. Improved customer satisfaction ratings. Long-term liabilities are less important to analysts, since they lack the urgency of short-term debts, though their presence does indicate that a company is strong enough to be allowed to borrow money. Suggestions 50 There has been a shift in business focus from transactional to relationship marketing where the customer is at the center of all business activity and organizations are now desperately trying to restructure their process around the needs of their strategically significant customers.
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