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The most important, because of health effects and reactivity, are: NO nitric oxideNO2 nitrogen dioxideNH3 ammonia and to a lesser extent N2O nitrous oxide.

Nitrogen oxides

Although the complete mechanism is not fully understood, there are two primary pathways of formation. Because the regeneration cycle must take place in an oxygen-free environment, the catalyst undergoing regeneration must be isolated from exhaust gases. It is believed that the almost everpresent background concentrations of O3 will yield NO2 predominance over NO, although some researchers have reported higher NO than NO2 concentrations in remote areas Lodge and Pate , Ripperton et al. An important factor that affects the performance of SCR is the operating temperature. This resulted in being designated as having achieved a LAER lowest achievable emission rate at 3. In a typical ammonia injection system, anhydrous ammonia is drawn from a storage tank and evaporated using a steam- or electric-heated vaporizer. Since tropospheric ozone can absorb infrared radiation, this indirect effect of NO x is intensifying global warming. Unlike emissions of sulphur dioxide, emissions of nitrogen oxides are only falling slowly in the UK, as emission control strategies for stationary and mobile sources are offset by increasing numbers of road vehicles.

The cleaner fuel and more modern power stations led to a significant reduction in NOx emissions from the sector until Facilities that handle over 10, pounds of anhydrous ammonia or more than 20, pounds of ammonia in an aqueous solution of 20 percent ammonia or greater must prepare a Risk Management Plan RMP and implement a Risk Management Program to prevent accidental releases.

This requires the use of licensed transport and disposal facilities and compliance with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regulations.

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The highest concentrations occur in the summer and in the tropical latitudes. During the release and before the oxidation of the volatiles, nitrogen reacts to form several intermediaries which are then oxidized into NO.

Nitrogen oxides are produced naturally by lightning, and also, to a small extent, by microbial processes in soils.

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SCR is now being used in ships, [36] diesel trucks and in some diesel cars. The carrier gas is usually compressed air or steam, and the ammonia concentration in the carrier gas is about 5 percent.

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Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions