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It slowly evolves from its nascent stages into a full-fledged tune that gains its wings once the romance between Lisa and our protagonist L. That Hitchcock's use of popular music throughout the film isn't a frequent topic of discussion is partially a testament to Hitchcock's skill at weaving pop songs into the fabric of the film, as unnoticeable to viewers as it often is to the characters in its shadow.

When analysing the visual structure, the audience are constantly shown natural framing, which is a well-known theme in Hitchcocks films and truly represents him as an auteur.

Soli Deo Gloria. Source He studied music in Dresden, Germany, and was just getting started as a film composer when the Nazis took over Germany in The music is oblivious and constant; just as it was starting to cue empathy for Miss Lonelyhearts, our eye was diverted to Thorwald, drastically recontextualizing the song as a mercilessly sardonic plaint for the wife he may well have killed.

There are constantly shots which are framed by, openings such as; window frames, door frames and hallways. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel tired and run-down? However, the beauty of this picture is that it truly does stand up to multiple viewings and every repeated viewing offers up new depths, or at least minor revelations, that add an even greater relish to the experience.

We get to be a part of it all.

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REAR WINDOW: A Masterpiece Of Visual Cinema & Sound Design