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Use Introduction from Hutchinson and Smith book Ethnicity and the excerpt of chapters from Cornell and Hartmann that will be posted on blackboard.

The problem is that the differential rates of settlement, natural increase, and intermarriage or sexual unions that produced progeny of mixed ancestry are largely unknown. In reality, it seems that the institutionalization of religious pluralism as a legal issue and social practice has been paradoxically stimulated by the very expansion of Pentecostalism. Whenever undertaking research in Indian communities, investigators must proactively and explicitly address power differentials and mistrust LaVeist ; Weiser Tribes fundamentally shape the social, cultural and physical contexts in which individual members live Novins, Beals et al. Gender, racial, ethnic, sexual and class identities. Historically, the concept of race has changed across cultures and eras, eventually becoming less connected with ancestral and familial ties, and more concerned with superficial physical characteristics. Thus, let us consider the contemporary scenario in order to understand how 'secularism' and 'pluralism' have, in locating 'religions' and 'ethnicities' within the realm of political struggles, given rise to new challenges for what we could call 'post-secular' and 'post-national' States, as defined by J.

For this same reason, it was never possible for Afro-Brazilian practices to dispute the field of ethical normativity of the State as religions. As a minority group, the elderly are also subject to economic, social, and workplace discrimination. The social construction of race is also reflected in the way that names for racial categories change with changing times.

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Methodological studies of census questions about race and ethnicity, for instance, show that responses are affected, often remarkably so, by the format of questions, the listed choices, and the examples included in questionnaire instructions Farley ; Hirschman, Alba, and Farley Rather, inequality is the outcome of patterns of differential treatment based on racial or ethnic categorizations of people.

The debate on the removal of crucifixes and their persistent permanence in courts and public buildings suggest the continuity of Catholicism as a cornerstone of civic life. For example, in modern history, the elderly might be considered a minority group due to a diminished status resulting from popular prejudice and discrimination against them.

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An ethnic identity is a sense of membership in an ethnic group, with the attitudes and feelings that are related to the other members of the ethnicity. To operationalize variables or identify causal pathways linking social context and disease distributions in diverse populations, however, requires solid understandings of how ethnicity functions socially.

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Africans were imported primarily as slave labor from the Caribbean and West Africa, although some arrived as indentured servants on terms similar to whites.

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