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Stress is the topic which requires time and effort to be understood. They show anger, feel depression, having problem in memorizing things, got irritate even with no reason and start to feel sad.

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The accuracy of the collected position can vary between a few meters for GPS locations, to hundreds of meters for cell tower location. The research also explained the impact of the loss of certain resources which is a key influence to enlighten the reason due to which only certain individuals who are exposed to stress show mental illness. During this period various data types were recorded: Bluetooth scans, call and text message meta data, Facebook activity logs, and mobility traces. Using structural equation modeling, the responses from first-year undergraduate participants were examined and demonstrated positive findings. It depends how we react against it, it can affect us negatively as well and if we always react or respond negatively against stress it also could affect our health and happiness Robinson As noted by [ 74 , 93 ] the issue of separating these effects is inherently difficult. It is possible stress level will be different for two persons which are facing save situations. They resulted that it affects negatively on its performance as the more the number of hours they work, they more they are distracted from academics. Some people withdraw social relationships under stress and some start to cry. The other three dimensions showed only very weak or no correlation. The aim of our study was to better understand the impact of individual and network factors on our ability to distinguish between groups of students based on their performance. Online social media Only a few prior studies have investigated the impact of social media activity on academic performance, despite the growing availability of such data and undisputed presence of these media in our daily lives. Research will be conducted and based on the Master students in National University Lahore campus while the study will be carried out on gender bases and the results will further be compared for understanding of any difference or similarity between the effects of stress on different genders. These stressors include, Health Factors and Social Factors.

According to one study, only taking breakfast was positively linked with students health affecting their academic performance however no other diet related intakes such as fruits or juices were having a significant effect on their academic performance Trockel et al.

They say that students specially taking out time from their study hours for exercises affect their grades in bad way Trockel et al.

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The similarity between pairs of individuals connected via social ties are attributed to various aspects: selection into friendships by similarity i. They said that combination of these factors effects the academic performances of students in positive manner despite the gender differences in them Haseen; Still these factors do not cover the complete story.

It was found that different subjects were responding different under same circumstances.

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We find that the most informative indicators of performance are based on social ties and that network indicators result in better model performance than individual characteristics including both personality and class attendance. Things such as uncertainty, anxiety, a reduced amount of self-esteem, isolation and a lesser amount of control over home and work life make a strong consequence on mental health.

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