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We as human beings have a duty to uplift each other in any positive way we are able to leaving out the utilitarian approach and implying only the social contract theories of philosophers like Kant.

In principle, the community with which we should be concerned is limited only by the number of individuals who have interests, and that, as we shall see, is a very large number indeed.

What would a satisfactory moral theory be like

This enhances their control over their lives i. This introduces into the theory an acknowledgment of personal merit that is lacking in unqualified Utilitarianism As this is being written, for example, there is famine in Ethiopia and millions of people are starving. Those who were "lucky" enough to escape death earlier would nevertheless perish in the nuclear winter. Considering this, it is difficult to imagine any circumstances in which the large-scale use of nuclear weapons would be morally justified Thus they are responsible for their freely chosen actions, and they are judged morally good if they choose well or wicked if they choose badly. What best promotes impartially the interests of everyone is sometimes to not act impartially but as people deserves or in accordance with the virtues or partially with respect to friends and family c. So far, MWH sounds very much like Utilitarianism. Were people end up in the natural and social lotteries is a matter of luck and is not deserved a.

The first employee has earned the promotion, the second has not. In the larger historical context, our interests are of only passing importance, certainly not worth the price of condemning countless future generations to the miseries of a post-nuclear war age.

according to rachels, a satisfactory moral theory must do what?

So he should contribute the money for famine relief. This was the moral status of natural resources prior to the But it would be an unwarranted stretch to include additional essays on Locke The status of John Locke in the modern libertarian movement is rather like that of Adam Smith.

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Human hubris is largely unjustified, but it is not entirely unjustified. This is because the nature of morality is that there lacks an objective…. If people look out for their families, keep their promises, and sometimes promote the general welfare directly, this will maximize utility overall promote the general welfare d. In this selection from The Elements of Moral Philosophy, James Rachels sketches what he thinks would be a satisfactory ethical theory. Sartre would no doubt endorse the Nietzsche? For one thing, we would be denying people including ourselves the ability to earn good treatment at the hands of others. There is one other way in which our conception of the moral community must be expanded. People would no doubt feel a greater sense of obligation if it were their neighbors starving, rather than strangers in a foreign country. Confession of a Reformed Philosopher: Why I Am a Compatibilist…This essay sketches a case for the reasonableness of embracing a philosopher like me who is both a Christian and a compatibilist seems a bit out of step So, why would any conscientious Christian philosopher today embrace compatibilism? We may therefore combine them into a single principle. Would you agree that Rachels successfully combines the best elements of utilitarianism and Kantianism? Suppose we did.

Often, people think it is right for individuals to be rewarded for physical beauty, superior intelligence, or other native endowments. We are creatures with desires, needs, plans, and hopes; and even if "the universe" does not care about those things, we do.

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A Satisfactory Moral Theory