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As a result, many insurance agents are involved in "cross-selling" or "total account development". Because of their life stage, Exurbanites focus on their financial investments. The personal lines sector continues to benefit from improved pricing inhelping it to overcome earlier years of declining premiums.

You want the path of all this. Property and casualty insurance agents sell policies that protect individuals and businesses from financial loss resulting from automobile accidents, fire, theft, storms, and other events that can damage property.

Insurance sales agents also obtain many new accounts through referrals, so it is important that they maintain regular contact with their clients to ensure that the clients' financial needs are being met. As these clients increase in age they will have growing needs for homeowner's insurance, valuable items insurance, life insurance, and, eventually, long-term care and long-term disability.

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Developing a satisfied clientele that will recommend an agent's services to other potential customers is a key to success for agents. Here are 10 things you should include as well as some resources to get started.

Captive agencies operate as a sales agent for a single insurer, working on its behalf; independent brokers sell products from several providers.

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