Sweatshop benifits essay

But typically it does, hence why workers keep showing up for work. Unfortunately, most campaigns in Britain seem to be straightforwardly anti-sweatshop. So how can we help those employed in sweatshops? Sweatshops is a source of employment, opportunity to improve lifestyle and it helps developing countries to improve their situations.

It is understandable that anti-poverty campaigners find sweatshops appalling, and work done to improve conditions in sweatshops might be valuable, but too often people forget that blunt campaigns against sweatshops probably end up hurting people.

Sweatshop benifits essay

The cheap labor aspect became a strategic advantage Third World Nations have over other countries. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. If we worry about exploitation it is surely because we are worried about the workers who will be exploited. But it will be noted that it is the opportunity to cut costs that attracts clothing companies to developing countries in the first place, so whatever progress is made will always be limited. And even the most noble-seeming campaigns can backfire. It is true that factories get benefits from worker by providing them less salary. The author chose the country of Bangladeshi to illustrate her point that working in a sweatshop can be a positive experience for women in developing countries by focusing primarily on one country. Norton, S. Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. On the other hand, the people who are uneducated with no skills get the chance to work in factories to support their families for their daily expensive. Sweatshops is a source of employment, opportunity to improve lifestyle and it helps developing countries to improve their situations. Enhancing the image in the world marketplace. To avoid the wrong of exploitation altogether one must avoid buying the clothes.

Buy the product and you incentivize the harm. Surely the same sad logic applies: if companies are pressured to improve pay and conditions in developing countries then they will simply close down their factories and move back to developed countries.

Last but not the least, sweatshops can be expanding a country economy too. And what do workers themselves think of sweatshops, given not just wages but other non-monetary compensation as well?

The International Labour Organisation estimates that agricultural workers suffer million accidents every year, and say that in some countries the fatal accident rate is twice as common in agriculture as in other industries.

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In fact, benefiting while wronging is exactly what exploitation is all about. One option might be guest worker programmestargeted at people from the poorest countries in the world, to allow them to come and work in the developed world so that they can send more money back home for investment.

They are not a good option, but they are the least bad option currently available to many people. It will remain, however, the lowest minimum wage in world. Instead, people should use the awfulness of sweatshops — and even greater awfulness of other jobs — as proof that we need to do more, much more, to give better options to poor people in other countries.

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Sweatshop: Developed Country and Globalization Benefits Essay Example