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InJenkins was hired as a lineman to help build a telephone line adjacent to the Alaska Highway. The collection contains two photographs, portions of two letters home, permits to drive on the Alaska Highway, a contract with construction contractor J.

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S economy and also save time and money from transporting the oil by pipeline instead of tanks and rails. The Alaska Highway Snap Shot Album consists of one leather-bound album containing black-and-white photographs documenting construction of the Alaska Highway and highway construction camp life during World War II.

Secretary of the Interior Rogers Morton allowed 45—days of comment after the release, and conservationists created a 1,page document opposing the impact statement.

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That deposit and subsequent ones were invested entirely in bonds, but debates quickly arose about the style of investments and what they should be used for. As an energy management major at the University of Oklahoma, I was intrigued to research the Keystone Pipeline and the plans that hinge alongside it. The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, publications, reports, notes, and articles relating primarily to MacDonald's career as a road engineer and his role in the construction of the Alaska Highway. This buildup can cause a variety of problems, so regular "piggings" are needed to keep the pipe clear. McCreary served as a U. Bud Krier papers; , This production tax is levied on the cost of oil at Pump Station 1. Construction of the pipeline has already begun, however construction across the U. Collins, Richard and Florence Papers. Albert Weir photographs; circa Mealy Collection. The The Construction of The Keystone Pipeline in Alberta, Canada words - 4 pages length of the pipeline is expected to be approximately 4, miles.

Operating at lower flows will extend the life of the pipeline as well as increasing profit for its owners. Anthony Dimond served as a member of the Alaska Territorial Senate from and from Memorabilia, photographs, and newspapers of a woman who worked for Dowell Construction Co.

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Forty-two thousand of these sections were welded together to make a double joint, which was laid in place on the line. Subjects include construction workers and support staff, equipment, vehicles, buildings, and pipe-laying activities.

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Low flowrates require that the oil move slower through the line, meaning that its temperature drops more than in high-flow situations. Operating at lower flows will extend the life of the pipeline as well as increasing profit for its owners. Elliot Company. Other studies have suggested that the minimum is 70, to , bbd with the current pipeline. Knight starred in one of two movies about the pipeline construction, Pipe Dreams. The collection consists of 9 black-and-white photographs and published ephemera pertaining to the construction of the Alaska Highway in The pipeline has also inspired various forms of artwork. The Keystone Pipeline will carry approximately , barrels of crude oil per day. The Candace Waugaman Collection consists of historical manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, and ephemera donated by private collector and local historian Candace Waugaman. Subjects of the photographs include road construction, machinery, workers, the camps, eating halls, wildlife, and towns and the highway. Dimond, Anthony J. This project is in the national interest to decide whether Obama should approve the 1,mile pipeline project. Alaska Highway Snap Show Album.

Alaska Highway Project '92, Rendezvous Road; [? Most Americans began demanding a solution to the problem, and President Richard Nixon began lobbying for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline as at least a part of the answer.

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Truman Markegard Collection; Traxler Alaska Highway construction papers;

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