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She is very good at it, and genuinely gives them her love, although when they grow up they have an inexorable tendency to turn into their mothers.

At the end of the evening, Stuart breaks up with Skeeter.

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She tells Aibileen she did something terrible to Hilly, something involving a pie, but she won't say what. None of the black people do. Stuart gets drunk and insults Skeeter. One of the final scenes shows Hilly taking in her mail. Hilly tells Skeeter she's working to have a law passed that would make it mandatory for white families to build outside bathrooms for their black employees. After being chosen by guest judge and children's-book author Lou Berger , the story was professionally illustrated. Two events bring Skeeter and Aibileen even closer: Skeeter is haunted by a copy of Jim Crow laws she found in the library, and she receives a letter from a publisher in New York interested in Skeeter's idea of writing the true stories of domestic servants.

This inspires Skeeter to try to convince the local maids to be interviewed for a book that will show their points of view. Skeeter never saw Constantine again. Aibileen works tirelessly raising her employer's child Aibileen's seventh one and keeps a tidy house, yet none of this distracts her from the recent loss of her own son who died in an accident at work while his white bosses turned away.

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The state's tax incentive program for filmmakers was also a key enticement in the decision. She describes the project to Elaine Stein Mary Steenburgenan editor in New York, and receives lukewarm encouragement; Elaine doubts that any maids will agree to participate.

Dismayed by the racist Home Help Sanitation Initiative started by her childhood friend Hilly HolbrookSkeeter starts to think about what it might mean to change attitudes about race in Jackson Mississippi. Skeeter tries to behave as a proper Southern lady: She plays bridge with the young married women; edits the newsletter for the Junior League; and endures her mother's constant advice on how to find a man and start a family.

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