Twelfth night comedic techniques elaborate the

In this play, the language has more of an angry undertone — the desire for love has clearly reached a more primal level for the lovelorn in this story.

Moreover, the manner in which he forces another to undertake his wooing for him suggests his emotions are disingenuous — he is in love with the idea of being in love and with playing the role of courtly suitor.

He mixes with the dirty humour of Sir Toby Belch just as well as he mixes with people with a wittier humour such as Olivia. The audience find it comical whenever Orsino speaks of his love for Olivia because they know it is fake.

Malvolio comes across as the consummate steward, with his discreet manner, but he quickly shows himself to be a buffoon.

It is imperative to entire merit of the play not to be realistic but to allow for empathy. Malvolio develops an agglomeration of comedy throughout the play but, develops the nature of possessing self-love.

Malvolio's belief that Olivia loves him, and his lustful desire for her evident when he imagines himself rising 'from a day bed where' he has 'left Olivia sleeping' lead him to behave absurdly. There is a love triangle at the centre of all the chaos. He treats Olivia like his Shakespeare uses contradiction and mistaken identity Olivia loving a female.

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More Questions 1. Cesario seems to have the most certain and solid view on love.

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Twelfth Night: Comedic Techniques Elaborate the Nature of Love Essay