Where can i bind my dissertation manchester

Most students choose softback binding for their first submission as it is quick and inexpensive. Metal Channel binding has a black spine with a choice of covers and is suitable for up to sheets.

We are not normally able to make personal deliveries.

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We usually print onto high quality standard weight 80gsm paper and you can choose recycled paper at no extra cost. You could consider printing it double sided in such a situation.

It can be easily unbound by us using the correct equipment to allow re-use of the pages for hardback binding. Note that if you print your thesis on thicker paper then this may take it over the sheet equivalent limit for channel binding so please take this into consideration.

More information is on our hardback binding page. Our postal address is on the Contact page. We have pricing options from ASAP - 5 working days.

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MuPrint Twitter Timeline. For a guide to how long this process will take, consider this: You post it to us from within the UK, first class on day 1 We receive it on day 2 and bind the same day It is collected by the Internal Post service on day 3 Your thesis is delivered to your department on day 4 If you require hardback binding, this will add two-three days to the above process. Please ensure that you bring a copy of the regulations so we can complete the work to the correct standard. When submitting your thesis or dissertation, MuPrint are university printers you can trust. Or read on for more information… Printing We can print your thesis for you while you wait, in colour or black. We usually print onto high quality standard weight 80gsm paper and you can choose recycled paper at no extra cost. If you choose to send a file electronically, then a PDF is usually the most reliable format. You can use the Price Calculator to check the price. If you send a cheque, we have to wait for it to clear before releasing your work. There is no longer a requirement to submit the final Thesis in hardback format. If your Thesis has more pages or you have used a thicker paper then you will have to bind it into 2 separate volumes or print it double sided. However, watch out for: headers and footers that contain colour text or lines — this will make every page colour. It can be done faster subject to a surcharge.

Alternatively, you can arrange for a friend or colleague to collect on your behalf but please inform us beforehand.

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Dissertation & Thesis Printing and Binding Manchester